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One Last First Date: Cozy Cottage Café, Book 1

One Last First Date: Cozy Cottage Café, Book 1

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Cassie Dunhill and her friends make a pact to marry the next guy they each date. What could possibly go wrong? 

Cassie is sick of dating. It's been 10 years and it's time to find The One. It's either that or buy a fetching habit and veil and abandon the whole thing. But Cassie believes in love, and she's not ready to give up yet.

The pressure is on to find Mr. Right, and Cassie's the first to find him: Parker Hamilton. He's good-looking, smart, cultured - and a doctor. Despite his obvious credentials, Cassie's not taking any chances. She's vetted Parker so thoroughly she could offer some pointers to the CIA. Needless to say, he passes with flying colors.

Things get complicated when Will Jordan, her irritating work colleague, muscles in on her dream job and her love life. Will is a typical guy, complete with nicknames for everyone, even Cassie. His good looks and relaxed, easy nature can be distracting. But Cassie can do without that kind of distraction right now, no matter how good Will looks with his shirt off.

In the end, is there only one last first date?

One Last First Date is a fun, heartwarming friends-to-lovers rom-com for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Bridget Jones' Diary, Lindsey Kelk, and TV shows like Jane the Virgin. It's a lighthearted, humorous, and fun full-length novel that can be listened to as a stand-alone title.

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